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Recommended Reading:
Swim England Level 1 Swimming Assistant (Teaching)
Swimming Teaching and Coaching Level 1 - ASA Publication
ISBN 0-900052-37-6
Becoming an Assistant Teacher - Phil Butler
ISBN 0-7136-53499-3

Swim England CIMSPA Level 2 Teaching Swimming
Developing Effective Practice for Swimming Teachers - Ray Lau with Ellie Purvis
ISBN  9-780993-486104
Swimming Teaching and Coaching Level 2 - ASA Publication
ISBN 0-900052-48-1
Swimming Games and Activities - Jim Noble and Alan Cregeen
ISBN 0-7136-5204-7

The Non Swimmer - Anne Eakin
ISBN 0-9519988-21
Swimming - Anne Eakin
ISBN 0-9519988-03
The Competetent Swimmer - Anne Eakin
ISBN 0-9519988-11

Master the Art of Swimming - Steven Shaw
ISBN 978-1-84340-542-9

Swim England Assistant Coach
Swimming Drills for Every Stroke - Ruben J. Guzman
ISBN 0-88011-769-9
Coaching Swimming Successfully - Dick Hannula
ISBN 0-87322-492-2

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Athlete Development Support Pathway
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Equal Opportunities
Swim England is committed to the principles of equal opportunities in all it does.
For further information select the Swim England equity document